Luca Costabello

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Fujitsu Linked Data Research Team, in Galway (Ireland). I have obtained a Computer Science PhD in the Wimmics Team at Inria, France, and a Computer Engineering MSc at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Research Interests

  • Linked Data
  • Access Control and Privacy for Graph Stores
  • Data Mining for Large Graph Stores
  • Context Awareness and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Distributed Storage and Query Processing
  • Service-oriented Architectures

Recent Projects

PRISSMA Context-Aware Presentation Layer for Linked Data

PRISSMA is an open source Java/Android RDF rendering engine that selects the most appropriate presentation of RDF triples according to mobile context. PRISSMA is compatible with the Fresnel vocabulary and is based on a graph edit distance algorithm that finds optimal error-tolerant subgraph isomorphisms between RDF context graphs.

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Shi3ld Context-Aware Authorization for Graph Stores

Shi3ld is an open source access control module for enforcing authorization on triple stores. Shi3ld protects SPARQL queries and HTTP operations on Linked Data and relies on attribute-based access policies.

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A dataset containing malicious triples that could be used to evaluate the resilience of Linked Data applications or to train spam filters.

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PhD Dissertation

My thesis discusses the influence of Context Awareness on Web of Data access from mobile devices.

The work dissects this issue into three research questions: how to declaratively describe context by complying with Linked Data best practices, how to enable context-aware adaptation for Linked Data consumption, and how to protect access to RDF stores from context-aware devices.

The PhD Thesis has been co-supervised by Fabien Gandon and Ivan Herman.

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P. Falcarin, O. Rodriguez-Rocha, L. Costabello, and L.W. Goix. Leveraging Context for Social Media Mobile Services. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2008, Vol. 7 (4), Work-in-Progress section.

Book Chapters

S. Villata, L. Costabello, F. Gandon, C. Faron-Zucker, M. Buffa. Social Semantic Network-based Access Control. Chapter in Security and Privacy Preserving in Social Networks, Series: Lecture Notes in Social Networks. Chbeir, Richard and Al Bouna, Bechara (Eds.), Springer, 2013.


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Posters, Demos,
Doctoral Consortiums

L. Costabello, F. Gandon. Error-Tolerant RDF Subgraph Matching for Adaptive Presentation of Linked Data on Mobile. WWW, Poster session, 2014.

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