About Me

I am research scientist at Accenture Labs Dublin. I work with knowledge graphs applications, machine learning for graphs, and explainable AI. Former Fujitsu, Inria, and Telecom Italia.

Research Interests

Knowledge Graphs

  • Relational Representation Learning
  • Knowledge Graph Embeddings
  • Knowledge Graph Management

Explainable AI

  • Interpretable Machine Learning
  • Explainable AI with Knowledge Graphs
  • Post-hoc Explanations


  • AmpliGraph

    Python library for Representation Learning on Knowledge Graphs

    I am the creator of AmpliGraph, an open-source suite of graph representation learning models known as Knowledge Graph Embeddings.

    AmpliGraph has won the Best Technical Advance In The Field Of Data Science/AI From A Research Organisation at the 2019 European DatSci & AI Awards!


    EU-funded Horizon 2020 project on AI-assisted precision oncology (2020-2023)

    I lead Accenture activities in the project. We build interpretable, graph-based decision support systems for stratification of oncology patients based on post-treatment complication risks.

  • Tutorial on Knowledge Graph Embeddings: From Theory to Practice

    ECAI 2020 Tutorial

    Overview of Knowledge Graph Embeddings from a theoretical and applicative standpoint. Includes live hands-on session.

  • Tutorial on Explainable AI

    AAAI 2019 Tutorial

    Snapshot of XAI to date, with a focus on machine learning and symbolic AI. XAI in real-world and large-scale applications. State-of-the-art techniques and best practices.

  • Traffic Analytics for Linked Data

    A traffic analytics platform for servers that publish Linked Data.

    A service that mines access logs of registered Linked Data servers and extracts Linked Data-specific traffic metrics providing insights not available in traditional web analytics tools.


    Context-Aware Presentation Layer for Linked Data

    PRISSMA is a Linked Data rendering engine that selects the most appropriate RDF presentation according to mobile context, using graph edit distance to compute error-tolerant subgraph isomorphisms between context graphs.

  • Shi3ld

    Context-Aware Authorization for Graph Stores

    Shi3ld is an access control (authorization) module for triple stores. Shi3ld protects SPARQL queries and HTTP operations on Linked Data.

  • Linked Data Spam Dataset

    An annotated RDF dataset polluted by syntethic malicious triples. Useful to train and test Linked Data spam filters.


Research Scientist

2017 - Present
Accenture Labs, Dublin, Ireland
  • Leading the Reasoning & Explanations research stream in Accenture Labs Dublin, including defining the research road map on graph machine learning and explainable artificial intelligence.
  • Designed and applied graph representation learning methods in various industry scenarios.
  • Designed and adopted Explainable AI methods in industrial and academic use cases.

Research Scientist

2014 - Sep 2017
Fujitsu Ireland, Galway, Ireland
  • Designed and applied scalable embedding models for knowledge graph completion in various industry scenarios.
  • Designed a scalable HBase-backed traffic analytics platform for Linked Data.
  • Conceived a supervised anti-spam filter for knowledge graphs.
  • Designed and developed a query mediator for polyglot and distributed data tiers.

PhD Student

2010 - 2013
Inria - WIMMICS Team, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • PhD Thesis: "Context-Aware Access Control and Presentation of Linked Data". Co-supervised by Fabien Gandon and Ivan Herman.
  • Designed a context-aware access control framework for triple stores.
  • Adapted an $O(n)$ with $n$ compared graphs error-tolerant matching algorithm to RDF.
  • Designed a presentation layer for RDF that adapts rendering to mobile context.

Software Engineer

GFI Informatique, Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Maintained production backend Java code base at Amadeus S.A.
  • Collaborated with product managers, UX specialists, and QA.

Research Engineer

2007 - 2010
Telecom Italia - TILab, Turin, Italy
  • Cluster analysis on mobile users location data to summarize mobility patterns and predict habits.
  • Designed and implemented back end Java infrastructure for location-based mobile services.
  • Collaborated in mining user-generated content on mobile users photo-sharing portal.
  • Applied off-the-shelf topic modeling algorithms to extract tags from user-generated content.



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Posters, Demos,
Doctoral Consortiums

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