A Prism Designer for PRISSMA

PRISSMA Studio is an in-browser web application that creates PRISSMA Prisms, using the PRISSMA vocabulary.

PRISSMA Studio supports designers in the creation of Fresnel Lenses and Formats, and eases the definition of the associated PRISSMA context.

Once created, Prisms can be stored on the file system of PRISSMA-equipped mobile devices, where they will be processed by the PRISSMA selection algorithm.


Fill in the Prism general information. Data selection and filtering adopt Fresnel Lenses. Data styling relies on Fresnel Formats.

Note: CURIEs and URIs are both accepted.



Applies to


The mobile context in which the Prism will be activated.


Represents the target mobile user associated to a Context. To provide more flexibility, the class can be used to model both user stereotypes and specific users, according to the designer needs. The class is equivalent to foaf:Person


The Device represents the mobile device on which Web of Data resource consumption takes place. It enables device-specific data representation.


Environment models the user phisycal world in which the resource consumption takes place.